The word Genesis seems like an appropriate title for this blog for numerous reasons.

1. This is the first blog on this . . . Blog

2. It is a new beginning for me as I am starting my new job as a Youth Pastor (woot)

3. . . . It’s the start of something great!

4. Sushi is awesome . . . oh wait that doesn’t connect, oh well

So here is what I am here to do, for anyone who ever encounters this. I am here to post basically Biblical and theological studies on here and make it relevent to everyday life. That is kinda my job (for youth) but even if your like 51 like my dad this can be totally for you. I am going to start with selected Psalms and go through them discuss them and post follow-up questions so that if you want, you can take this and use it as a small group study somewhere. I will also be answering questions from student in my youth ministry here at Greenhaven Neighborhood Church ( [shameless plug].) From time to time I might engage a new artist, cd, movie, TV show, or pop-culture icon for fun and present it to you in a holistic way, and see where it fits in with the Big man upstairs (would be totally funny if my boss worked upstairs but well he is two offices over to my right.) Feel free to post comments, questions, jokes, sarcastic statements . . . jokes? Anything that fits or doesn’t this is gonna be like a youth ministry online . . . so random and for some a little to chaotic! AWESOME (just like sushi!) So enjoy and interact, and always continue the pursuit of Christ-likeness


One thought on “Genesis

  1. goooofymom says:

    I like this idea…chaos is my life! I’m wondering if your dad is thrilled that you broadcast his age, although he doesn’t look it at all!! Sorry, I don’t like sushi, but my kids do, so I buy it. Is that a connection?? 🙂

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