Psalm 8

Psalm 8
A David Psalm
1 God, brilliant Lord, yours is a household name.
2 Nursing infants gurgle choruses about you;
toddlers shout the songs
That drown out enemy talk,
and silence atheist babble.
3-4 I look up at your macro-skies, dark and enormous,
your handmade sky-jewelry,
Moon and stars mounted in their settings.
Then I look at my micro-self and wonder,
Why do you bother with us?
Why take a second look our way?

5-8 Yet we’ve so narrowly missed being gods,
bright with Eden’s dawn light.
You put us in charge of your handcrafted world,
repeated to us your Genesis-charge,
Made us lords of sheep and cattle,
even animals out in the wild,
Birds flying and fish swimming,
whales singing in the ocean deeps.
9 God, brilliant Lord,
your name echoes around the world.

This particular passage is really insane to think about. I want to bring out two points in this particular passage. I’ll start with the one I realized all by myself. If you look at verse 5 “Yet we’ve so narrowly missed being gods” that statement right there is extremely powerful. If you think about the applications of this one verse it’s staggering. Basically the whole second half of this Psalm is saying how much potential and power that we have as humans. God has put almost no limit on what we can do. If we have Christ as our center we can amazing things in our lifetime. Some people (including myself) would look at this passage and selfishly think, I could be awesome! Here is the catch we can only do amazing things if Christ is our center, which means that even though we are doing amazing things, Christ is the source of the awesomeness and you will also be doing those amazing things in and for Christ. You would not be like superman and reach the potential of Human physical ability and fly around with laser vision and super-strength, although that would be awesome. More likely you will do things that will change some one’s life, or the lives of a dozen people, or hundreds, or thousands or millions of people, who knows the potential of one person who has Christ as their center. If you really think about it, people have done this, and some without Christ unfortunately. Look at the band Green Day. Today they are arguably the most popular band around. They have impacted people from the age of 10 possibly younger all the way up to people in their mid to late 30’s possibly even their 40’s. That age group has to contain millions of people, and that is in the US alone, if you think about their world impact they may have impacted and influenced over 1 billion people. Now if we as Christians with the power of Christ and God in our lives tried to do that, who could stop us. We just need to have faith in ourselves and in God. There is a story about the disciple Peter in the NT. The one where he walks on water. Peter had Christ as his focus. But then he started to sink, Christ said to him ‘Why did doubt.” This phrase had a double meaning first why did Peter doubt Christ and second, why did Peter doubt himself. The point I am trying to get across is that we need to have faith in Christ and God as well as faith in ourselves.

The second point I want to pull out comes from the first half of the Psalm (just like me to do it backwards, and different than anyone would think to.) Anyway, the first half compares us to God’s creation. If you look at the heavens, the moons stars other planets galaxies, Nebulae, etc. we are so small. But God cares for us. This proves that we are not really that small, but immeasurably significant and worthy. By no means are we close to the glory and awesomeness of God, but we are far more important than anyone planet or star, or comet. Each human has the full 100% love of God covering them. As Christians we have encountered God, how can we be silent. This studies main purpose is to demonstrate how to better worship God. If we know how awesome our God is, how very much Famous how can we not tell others that we have met him, encountered him and he has embraced us as a friend. If we were to meet our favorite celebrity on the street for me David Crowder, or the guys from Linkin Park, we would tell everyone that we met them, talked to them, have their picture on our mantle, and they now send us a Christmas card every year . . . that may not all be true but we want people to know. Um . . . God is so much more awesome than those other famous people. Everyone has seen God’s handy work an in someway encountered him. We that know we have encountered him and how awesome it is, need to proclaim that. Sing his praises, act accordingly, which would be rather undignified.

So today’s lesson is this. To better worship God we need to attempt to do the great things that he has called us to as Humans in his name, and that may look different for all, but the one similarity is that we will tell the story of how we met God.

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2 thoughts on “Psalm 8

  1. Jon Walker says:

    so are these passages re-written in your own words or are they from a translation like the message?

  2. Matt Anderson says:

    The passages are from the message

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