My Wife is Awesome . . . I met David Crowder

So my wife is really awesome, she happened to think it would be fun for me to be able to meet David Crowder before he left for Seattle to finish his tour. So she hunted him down and killed him . . . ok not really, but found him and arranged a meeting with him for me. She told me later, so I could mentally prepare myself to meet worship leader I most want to be like. Well we went and talked to him, he only had 5 minutes to spare, but it was a good 5 minutes, went by quick, but he is a really down to earth guy, who is trying to figure out this worship thing just like I am, so I felt better about that, and it was cool how he wanted to get to know about me and me, like I wanted to know about him and get to know him. Relationships people it’s what ministry is all about. So David and I got to minister to each other at the NYWC 2007 in SD . . . all because my wife is awesome!


One thought on “My Wife is Awesome . . . I met David Crowder

  1. goooofymom says:

    How cool, Matt! You do have an awesome wife! I’m happy for you that you got to have this experience.

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