How Great – Little gods?

“I’m so bored of little gods, while standing on the edge of, something large, while standing here so close to You, we could be consumed . . . . what a Glorious Day!” – David Crowder* Band off of the Illuminate album.

The thing I love about David Crowder is (besides being awesome, down to earth and great musically) that he makes you think with his worship lyrics. I was driving home from Redding tonight, I just went up for fun to see friends and watch a free movie, anyway and this was one of the last songs I heard on the way back, and for the first time listening to it I got chills. This told me 2 things 1. God was pleased with my worship in the car that night (which is really really cool to know) 2. those lines have a whole lot of importance to us and me as Christians. It got me thinking, what kind of little gods do we/I have in our lives? For me, my computer, World of Warcraft, TV, Wii, my Job, music. See that is a lot. But the more I pursuit Christ-likeness the less god-like they are and the more worshipful my life becomes while I am doing all that stuff. So I ask you, take a second, or a minute, or an hour, or however long you need . . . What kind of little gods do you have in place before the real God? The God that if we just let our self be consumed by Him and His power would overwhelm and blow the little gods out of the water with out even trying!! GOD IS AWESOME! Ok last thing, I really want you to reply back with your confessions, I don’t care you know me personally or just read this blog I want you to put your name just your first, you can put your last if you want, but I want to be able to pray for my readers in this, we so often over look the ‘little gods’ in our life. Let me know I will pray my list is above you can pray for me too. May God be the only God and not the last of many gods in your life!


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