Worship with a Chainsaw

My day off from the church is Friday, so normally on a Friday I go up to my parents where Dad and I work on a project together, which is always fun. But today after that we went up to my Grandfathers which is up in Placerville, and did some yard work. First cool thing, three generations of Andersons working together. So my Grandfather had just had a huge Oak tree cut down so we were going to chainsaw it up!! So we had two chain-saws for three guys, I know guys three for three would have been awesome, but two was good. I don’t know what it was but just having a chainsaw in your hands or in running near you makes you feel a little more manly! It was like we were doing just we were told to do in Eden watch over the world of nature. I don’t know why the tree was cut down, but it was cool to be cutting it up for firewood, not wasting the wood but being goods stewards of the wood. So we took turns cutting, and clearing. The whole time I was so full of joy, and I really believe that God was right there with us as we did real hands on work outside in the midst of his creation. It was a very spiritual experience for me in a really different way. Normally I worship through music or scripture readings but I feel that this experience of cutting up huge logs and small branches was just as worshipful if not more so than a worship service, it was beautiful. And the fact that I had the privilege of sharing it with my Dad and Grandpa was really cool too. It just goes to show what three men of God can do on a normal day . . . make it extraordinary by being them and being with God! Worship!


One thought on “Worship with a Chainsaw

  1. Your Server says:

    Dude that is extremely manly. I am not sure where our manliness was on Sunday night in comparison to that though.

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