Weekend in SoCal

For those of you who are looking for the Psalms blog this week, it is coming, but I wanted to share with you some thoughts on worship and about my weekend. This past weekend I had the privilege of going to Temecula, CA to visit my friends the Kirkpatricks. Rich is a Worship Pastor at a church called Sunridge Community Church. His daughter Emilie was once part of the Jr. High worship team I oversaw in Redding. Anyway, it was a great weekend, I got to spend time with the family, talking, playing Halo 3 and Rock Band (which I believe I am addicted too) and see the town. Rich gave ma a tour of the church and the town, checked out some cool places that he had yet to see. We spent a lot of time talking about church, worship, and ministry, all of which are passions of ours as well as our job (it is awesome when passions and jobs meet). Anyway, late Saturday night we were out on his patio talking and he told me about his journey into and through ministry. It was amazing, not only is it a story that shows God’s grace and redeeming love, but God’s desire and ability to sustain a man and his family through a lot of tough situations. I respected Rich before, but my respect has grown knowing more about his past, and his continuing passion to serve God through music. Rich and his family love where they are and what the are doing, but do need our prayers so I ask, whether you know them or no to lift The Kirkpatricks up in prayer. Anyway, Sunday morning we awoke early, (too early after such a late night) and headed to Sunridge where I sat back and observed, everything I could, practice, service, tech booth, youth min, even walked around to see how friendly they are . . . I was impressed by a lot of what happens there, this church is about 15 times the size of mine so it has a lot more resources. But it made me dream. Worship isn’t only about music, it is about emotion, atmosphere, ethos, and Rich and his team do a good job of creating all of this. Rich and his team and family helped me and will continue to help me expand what worship is in my church. To break the boundaries and explore worship and connect to God.


2 thoughts on “Weekend in SoCal

  1. Mike Dalton Bass Player says:

    Matt, it was great having you in town, next time i hope we can spend a little more time hanging out, Sunday’s are crazy as you saw.

  2. Rich Kirkpatrick says:

    Thanks for you kind words… perhaps Halo rematch and Rock Band rematch… I did not get to play much Rock Band with you…Ethan took over!

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