Psalm 150 – Let the music play!

Psalm 150 (The Message)

1-6 Hallelujah! Praise God in his holy house of worship,
praise him under the open skies;
Praise him for his acts of power,
praise him for his magnificent greatness;
Praise with a blast on the trumpet,
praise by strumming soft strings;
Praise him with castanets and dance,
praise him with banjo and flute;
Praise him with cymbals and a big bass drum,
praise him with fiddles and mandolin.
Let every living, breathing creature praise God!

This might be one of my favorite Psalms, not my number 1, but close too. It would be a Psalm, that if it where to music I would have on my top iPod play list. The one that I might need to play over and over, learn the bass line to it so I could play and sing along. You know those kind of songs? We all have them. Currently there are about 10 of those songs, and I love to play my bass and sing with them, most of them are worship songs, a few not and even one or two that are secular . . . what? Anyway, these songs speak to our heart, they may even shape who we are and how we act or think. That is what music does it penetrates the soul. The reason I love this Psalm so much is that it tells us to worship musically, and perhaps that is why we worship this way in the Church. I am a worship pastor and I love music, so I love this Psalm. It will be posted on my wall, read over and over and well you get the point, sang in my head at night before I drift to sleep. Basically this Psalm is telling us to let our ‘praise song’ sound. Let it be in our minds day and night and keep us riveted and focused on God. I also love that it talks about worship in different moods, playing softly and reverently but also loudly and undignified. So let it out Church!!

Well guys, this is the last Psalm in the book. I don’t know where to go next, if you have suggestions let me know, I will take the next week off to give a few weeks for response. Someone said that Proverbs might be good, but we’ll see won’t we.


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