St. Patrick’s Day

Well I know that some of you would be disappointed if I didn’t right on this holiday about beer or something. So here it is a day late, and maybe even a dollar short or whatever. Anyway, St. Patrick’s Day is one of my favorites not because of the beer, but because of what it actually is truthfully about. Patrick was actually English not Irish, he was kidnapped by Irish pirates and sold into slavery. The man he worked for was a nice man Patrick worked with sheep (much like King David started) and while out there he spent a lot of time in thought at prayer. He grew close to God out there. One night he had a vision that told him that the Irish needed him and that he needed to escape. So he did, he ran and got transport back to England. He went into training to be a priest (like his father) and then petitioned to be sent to Ireland to do missions work. He took a team of people to Ireland and started to just love people and tell them the good news. Despite being kidnapped and enslaved by the Irish Patrick loved them greatly, and loved the culture. This made him the perfect man for the job, he didn’t try to make them into something else he just used Irish culture and tradition to help show them Christ and it worked. The Irish religion was very druidic and full of evil. The head Druids planned to kill Patrick but God protected him. Eventually all of Ireland was reached by the good news of Christ. That is why it’s a big deal really it and why it is an Irish holiday! St. Patrick did something no one thought possible because the Irish were barbarians and thus to dumb for the gospel according to the church.


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