The Verge: Tuesday Night 4/15

It was tax day parents are stressed and their students couldn’t care less about it! Amy and I actually already have our refund so woot! Anyway, it was a pretty good night at The Verge, my student leaders are starting to pick up some things from me (which actually reminds me to make sure that I have their backs!) Anyway, Alex did games again, and Rachel did announcments. I did the message it was short and I didn’t think it was very good, but it spawned a good question with (according to my wife) a good answer. Amy thinks the message was good so I’m going with that I am too hard on myself. Anyway the games we did . . . we started with 44-in-a-boat, a game I stole from Jon Walker @ Riptide. The second game is a good ol’ classic Honey I love you. And lastely the ever dangerous ‘Chubby Bunny’ no one chocked so that is good. My message series currently is called ‘Save me’ I split the months into two parts, the first is about what things we need to trust God to save us from. This week was the last week of part 1 and I talked about how God can save us from our self-loathing. It was only like 10-15min long, I normally shoot for 20-25 so . . . anyway, better short and good then long and sucky right?

Message Topic: Save Me: Self-Loathing
Message Quality: Average
Student Response: extra Average
Fun Factor: Slightly Above Average
Leader Involvement: slightly above Average


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