Sunday 4/20 – Volunteer weekend!

So this weekend I took the back row and let my volunteer team lead the service. I did the PowerPoint and sound this week, which is different for me. I love leading worship from the front, not because I want people to see me do it, but because it’s what God built me to do. Anyway my volunteer team took over and did a fantastic job at leading worship. It makes me feel great to know that God blessed me with a team great enough to function without me! God is great, my volunteers are great. Anyway our Sr. Pastor preached a sermon out of the same passage that his now deceased father-in-law was getting ready to preach or the last one he did preach before he died. It was a great service very moving. Go to our web-site to hear the sermon. Here is a list of songs that we did this weekend:

Forever – Chris Tomlin
There is a Redeemer – Melody Green-Sievright
Come Thou Fount – John Wyeth & Robert Robinson
As The Deer – Martin Nystrom
Come, Now is the Time to Worship – Brian Doerkson
Majesty – Jack Hayford


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