Two movies with two lessons?

So I recently rented two movies, through blockbuster online, you should check that out . . . let them know I sent you I get a rebate or something anyway.

The first movie was ‘Garden State’ This movie was weird, which is probably why I liked it, it was written and directed by Zach Braff (sp?) he also starred in it. Anyway, it’s basically about a guy who is disconnected from his family when his mother dies. He tries to talk to then avoid his father. He meets a strange woman who he then begins to hang out with. Basically the movie shows how Zach’s character is transformed from an emotionally disconnected person to a real person who cares about life again. The thing I really liked about it was when he finally went to talk to his dad he tells him that they don’t need to be the happiest ever or even work everything out right then, but just be ok with where they are at and work from there. It reminded me how God calls people to Him, just as they are.

The second movie was ‘The Jane Austin Book Club’ For the most part this movie is hilarious and entertaining. It’s shows a group of women and one man (6 people in total). Who meet together once a month to discuss different Jane Austin books (there are 6 so 1 per person to lead a discussion). Anyway, it shows how these people are and how their interaction with each other changes them. The end of the movie cuts to them and their respective love interests, husbands . . . what ever. Anyway, as the movie wrapped it made me think, this is how a small group should be. It should be people living life together, interacting with each other and over helping God transform peoples lives. Granted this small group wasn’t a small group that was focused around God, but the idea is the same.


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