The Verge: Tuesday Night 4/22

Well tonight was interesting. I had two leaders I normally have 5 so we had 50% of us on hand for a normal sized group. Granted I had fun playing Halo with some students and talkin’ with them. Anyway, we played games like normal, first was the Toilet Paper relay, a game I stole from Jon Walker at Riptide. In this game you give each team a roll of TP and they start to weave it over and under their bodies until they run out, the first team to run out of TP wins, simple . . . or so you think. The next one was what we call the sword game, you lock hands point our finger and try to ‘stab’ your partner, yes it is slightly violent. And lastly, the story game, 4 students help tell a story about anything “PG” the catch they can only talk when my hand is on their head and they can’t studder, pause or repeat the previous word or phrase. Its fun. I then spoke about evangelism some of our fears about it, and why we should be boldly telling about Christ.

Message Topic: Save Me: Evangelism 101
Message Quality: very slightly above Average
Student Response: Average
Fun Factor: Average
Leader Involvement: Average


One thought on “The Verge: Tuesday Night 4/22

  1. Ryan Crundwell says:

    k i blogged. might do so more frequently…

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