The Verge: Tuesday Night 4/29

So last night marks the end of our “Save Me” series. Last tuesday night was a really good night we had someone come who hasn’t been in months (that was cool) we also had three new students come. Our ministry is kinda odd, we have about 75% freshman girls here, c’mon guys that is a good ratio right? Anyway, we only played two games last night ‘Round-the-World’ Ping-Pong. This game is basically Ping-pong only you hit the ball once drop the paddle and the next person picks it up, if you can’t make it to hit the ball or you hit it out then you are out. The funniest part is when it’s down to the last two, they just hit it back and forth and spin after each hit . . you get dizzy. Anyway, the next game was Kahootz where we amazed our students with our telekinetic powers! After the games my wife handled announcements. The message this week was about heaven, I used the outline from Danny Basham and even a PP he left on my computer years ago. It was a lot of fun. After that I invited people to pray for God to come into their lives. 3 students accepted Christ as their Lord and Savior, and they said they would keep coming back so that is very exciting!

Message Topic: Save Me: Heaven
Message quality: Above Average
Attendance: Above Average
Fun Factor: Slightly Above Average
Student Response: Above Average
Leader Involvement: slightly above Average


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