Sunday 5/4

So this week my two main band members were gone. I had a high schooler from my youth worship team step in. It worked out pretty good. We are starting to throw more hymns and older songs for the elderly, since they make up 70% of our congregation. Anyway it was a rough service for us, but my wife said it was good rough, it reminds us that we aren’t perfect and that God is what really makes this worthwhile anyway. I spoke on John 2 where Jesus gets pissed and throws people out of the temple. I am in the middle of a series called (get this) The Pursuit of Christ-Likeness. I am following Jesus through the book of John and sharing how we should be based on our Jesus was. We didn’t do a lot of songs, we actually did some songs more than once this service, but over all I think it was great, people seemed to like it.

(Song list to come)


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