Long time no write . . .

Hey readers, sorry I have neglected you. Hopefully I will get back on it. Anyway, I am writing mainly for prayer support. It feels like I keep getting punched in the face, and kicked while I’m down, not physically, but emotionally. I am struggling to keep up, I am struggling in life. Pray for me and my wife Amy please.

One big thing that has happened was my wife went down to Visalia, CA to visit a friend who needed some moral support and just needed a friend, well she has been there almost a week. She was supposed to be back on Sat. evening but on Friday, she was in a car accident. She is ok, the car is not. The insurance company is taking it’s time. And the insurance of the person who hit her will probably try to delay or block any funds being paid out to us. Which is bad, the damage to the car is bad enough to keep it from running. And can take up to 3 weeks to fix. Anyway, pray for strength and faith in this. I’m not one to ask for it, but I need help . . .


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