Create your own . . .

Hello! My youth ministry is currently in the middle of a series I call “Create Your own Tuesday” the idea is that students ask questions and I answer them. The point is trying to make students take ownership of their faith, teach them to know how to go deeper in their faith themselves. I was revelized (which means to receive a revelation) by the idea that if I give them the answer I am not really helping them. So last night I gave them bibles and said, find the answer. We tackled four questions, and interesting conversation and debate came out of it. Students really dug, and shared their opinion, and what they felt the Bible said. The idea of using Scripture to interpret scripture was introduced and hopefully they will grow in that as well. I was proud of the students they shared their thoughts even if they were not confident in them, both on the mark and off, it was beautiful. Don’t worry I made sure to guide them into proper interpretation of the scripture. Give this one a shot.


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