1 Message – 30 minutes?

So today my father-in-law (Steve) asked me a question today. He asked “If you could give one message to the youth of america today and had only 30 min. what would it be?” Well I was enjoying some Miso Soup before my sushi arrived so I took a second to think about it, take a thoughtful sip (mainly because I had no clue), and then said, “It would be off of Psalm 8.”
Many different subjects and messages went through my head, but this one came to the front. I continued saying. “I would start with the first half, but that would not be the focus. I would mainly focus on the section that starts ‘Who am I . . .?’ I would talk about how everyone, especially this generation, is asking this question. Give an answer, and then focus on the part that says ‘ . . . yet you created us a little lower than the gods . . .’ focus on the power in this statement, and challenge the youth to connect with God and Christ, and then with this relationship change the world. This generation wants to be the generation of change, the one that fixes the problems that were created by all before. So I would motivate them to do it, and do it with God.”

What would your message be?


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