Sempre Fidelis

It seems only appropriate that because of my families history in the military and even the fact that my brother is a Srgt. in the USMC (United States Marine Corp.) that I write something about this date. 7 years ago the people of the USA where united in the horror that we were attacked and thousands died in the attacks. This tragedy united us for one moment, and only a moment. When the cost of, vengeance or justice (which it really is) became too high or too long. The country again became split, and even the ‘objectors’ became hostile. I have heard stories of marines being attacked or spit on by US civilians, because of their dedication to your country and freedom. This country no longer knows what “E Pluribus Unum” means anymore it is latin which means ‘From Many One’ it is printed on all of the US coins and bills. The people of the US no longer know what it means to be “Sempre Fidelis” which is latin for “Always Faithful” it is the Marine slogan. Our country has lost sight of two of it’s greatest rally cries.

Now lets look back to December 7th 1941. We were attacked. Here is the result of the attack 5 battleships sunk, 2 destroyers sunk, 1 damaged, 1 other ship sunk, 3 damaged, 3 battleships damaged, 3 cruisers damaged, 188 aircraft destroyed, 155 aircraft damaged, 3,684 causualties. Basically leaving our pacific defenses and fleet crippled. What did the people of the US do. They, like we 7 years ago, united in the horror of the attack. They, likewe 7 years ago, wanted justice. They, unlike us today, remembered the meaning of “E Pluribus Unum” and “Sempre Fidelis” and fought to the bitter end when we became victorious and gained justice! They, unlike us today, made the sacrifices necessary to fight for “truth, justice, and the American way!”

What did 9/11 cost us? 2,975 causualties . . . and 2 big buildings. Yes it’s a tragedy! Yes, it is sad! Yes, we should want justice! But America really still stood, we lost little in the ways of defense, the greater good is still protected. What have we done? What is our response? We, like in 1941, where united in the horror of the attack. We, like in 1941, wanted Justice. We, unlike in 1941, turned on our gov’t and President as soon as it got too tough.

Basically ‘Walk it off America, suck it up, and be a man!’ for the good of justice and freedom, SEMPRE FIDELIS!!


One thought on “Sempre Fidelis

  1. Anonymous says:

    wow, true that! Im not a blogger but I googled the word SEMPRE FIDELIS! and found alot more then I was looking for. very inspirational and upfront.

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