So I’ve been noticing lately that there is a lack of patience in our country. Everyone is always trying to be first or fastest. Sometimes being first and fastest is good. But think about driving, there would be far less accidents if people would slow down and be patient. Also if you drove slower, that patience could save you money. Let’s assume that you drive about 300 miles a week, with work, shopping, eating out, and all that other driving you do. Lets also assume that you accelerate quickly, drive 15 mph over the limit on average, and rush everywhere you go. You might get an average MPG of 25? Sure the care says it gets 29-35, but that is in optimum conditions. This means you’ll fill up your tank about once a week. at $3.75 a gallon with a 12 gallon tank that equals $45 a week. At this rate thats an average of $2340 a year in gas. Now lets assume you accelerate slowly, you drive at or only 5 mph over. You then might get an average of 33 mpg. If you had that same 12 gallon tank at you would get get almost another 100 miles out of the tank. But if you decided to fill up once a week anyway. You would need 9.1 gallons of gas at the same $3.75 is $34.12 a week. That is only $1774 on gas a year. So basically if you are more patient with your driving would save $565 a year. That is a lot of money for a lot of us. Some vacation money, or maybe a car payment! All this to say that patience pays off. So people lets slow down, save some cash and be patient.

**All figures are approximations and not necessary reflective of the market today**


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