Boston Legel: A demontration in Fellowship

My parents (who I maintain are way cooler than I) introduced me to Boston Legal. As I was watching it tonight I was struck by something. Fellowship . . . it’s a word tossed around in the Church world all the time. We have fellowship times, with snacks and food, or even the ever popular potluck, game nights and many other events. But do we really fellowship? In Boston Legal Denny Crane (William Shatner) and his friend Alan demonstrate what true fellowship is. At multiple points in the show, they have Denny and Alan sitting on a balcony or in an office sharing a drink or a cigar (well they have their own cigar, but yea) while they sit together, with no one else and they talk. Openly honestly, embarrassingly at some points. Sometimes it’s humorous, other times very deep. But all in all it’s what fellowship should be. Two people, or a group of people being open with each other, knowing each other loving each other, encourging each other, rebuking each other, living life together. Have you experienced true fellowship lately?


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