PB Camp 2009 . . . I mean 08

Well the title deserves a little explanation. The first night we had our first meeting and I get up and yell “ARE YOU EXCITED TO BE HERE AT PAINT BALL CAMP 2009?” “Umm, Matt, you mean 2008?” oh yea!

Anyway, this is the first camp I’ve done on my own, well not really on my own, but I invited another church to come and we had a blast. The other youth pastor (Jared) and I shared in the speaking. We both gave killer message I must say, Mine was based on Psalm 8 and called the students to use the power that God has granted us to change the world for Him. Jared’s was about listening and following intently after the call of God in your life. They teamed well together. I was also the worship leader and recruited 2 college student and 3 HS students to play in the band. We have Tim on guitar, Tori – vocals, Laura – Vocals/keys, Kenny- Bass, Nate- Drums, Me-Lead Vocals/guitar. We are currently operating under the name “The Nameless Worship Band” but are open to suggestions? It was a great camp.

Oh yea, then there was Paint Ball, played for about 4-5 hours, I am tired. But it was crazy fun. Good games, for the most part very even, which was cool. Everyone got shot, everyone had fun, it was fantastic!


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