The Spirituality of Killing

As some of you know my brother is a U.S. Marine. He has been a Marine for over three years now and has been fortunate enough to not see action (or mis-fortunate enough from his point of view). Well he is finally being sent over seas, to Afghanistan, which currently is the most dangerous part of the world to be deployed too. My wife and I spent a long time a few night ago talking with him over the phone. At one point we started talking about death and killing. It was amazing to me that a 21 y/o marine is struggling with the spiritual side of killing. He knows that in Afghanistan it would be freakish to not come under fire. And in that case it’s either kill or be killed. There is a group of you out there that might think that they deserve to be killed for being in the military and participating in a bogus war. But the reality of it is, my brother was trained not only to how to kill well, but also how to communicate with the locals, how to get to know them, mainly so they can provide assistance to the locals, food, supplies, schooling, etc. But also so they can get information on the Taliban. Marines are trained to protect the locals, yes they may need to be warry that the person they are talking too might want to kill them, but they would rather help than kill. All that being said. My brother has wrestled with the idea of death at a very spiritual level. He has come to terms with it. He isn’t going to enjoy it, it’s not what he wants, but he knows that the lives of the villagers they meet, the men he commands and himself are on the line and he must protect that, and that means killing those who seek to take life away from innocents.

The ironic thing is, in this case, the physical war and spiritual war of the Bible are over-lapping. Radical Islam wishes for all to come under the strict rule of Allah, which means every aspect of our lives is subject to the laws of Allah. The Marines and other branches of the military (whether they know it or not) are protecting our God given right to free will!

So when you think that our Marines and soldiers are just over seas killing with ease know that some of them are struggling at a very deep level with having to take a life that God created. Sempir Fi!


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