Last Worship Re-cap (for now)

Set List:
Stir In Me – Todd Proctor
Trading My Sorrows – Darrell Evans
Black and Blue – Rich Kirkpatrick
Famous One – Christ Tomlin
Everlasting God – Brenton Brown
Heart of Worship – Matt Redman
Come Thou Fount
Make a Joyful Noise/I Will Not Be Silent – David Crowder

This is my last week as worship pastor at my church. Some disagreement amongst the leadership caused me to step out of this position. Our set list is a bit longer this week as well because it was communion weekend for us, which means we add an extra song, and we added a special opening song as well. The sermon with week was called “From Observation: Thoughts on Worship,” sounds very C.S. Lewisy doesn’t it? I spoke about the myths and beliefs that I see specifically in my congregation about worship and talked about the more Biblically true aspects of worship. At a few points I let the congregation share their thoughts and opinions, which I thought was fun, some of the time they were right on, and other times you could see the old ‘traditional’ ways coming out. I have always believed that ‘tradition for tradition sake, will kill a church.’ So the goal was to destroy the tradition for tradition sake attitudes in worship at my church. I felt it was well recieved. And hopefully those who were in disagreement with what was said will see the truth in it. As for me I am now just a Youth Pastor, who is going to spend more time focusing there now that I have it, and develop the worship aspects of that ministry. Worship is what we were built to do, so I feel I must do it, and equip the students of my ministry to do it as well.


One thought on “Last Worship Re-cap (for now)

  1. andymacvb says:

    i’m still hoping for a job at a church in Yakima. that’d be awesome!

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