Theological Jargon

So I came to a revelation today, that I wish I had on Sunday. On Sunday I gave a message called: From Observation: Thoughts on Worship. Basically I took the typical American idea of worship (based on observation so it was very specific to my church) and challenged it. Because there are a lot of older people in the congregation I tailored it to challenge that thought process. I stole a lot of material from Rich Kirkpatrick’s blog series called Worship Myth Busters. The place I wish I had this ‘revelation’ came when I posed this questions: Is worship with hymns is more theologically rich than with modern music? I had several statements in the positive, and a few that stated the truth, they are both theological. At one point my Sr. Pastor made a statement that basically said something like hymns have a lot of theological terminology in them. This is totally true. But how many people do you know that are up on their theological lingo? I went the a christian school and love to study theology but, that doesn’t mean that every lay-person knows or wants to know what transubstantiation means, or have other big fancy theological words thrown at them or in their worship. Sometimes, those big theological words in our messages, conversation and worship can be just as distracting to our worship as someone fly being down on stage, or an out of tune guitar. Here is the point, theology is good, theological language is distracting when not in the proper setting. Use normal language to describe theology and who God is. Talk normal, because God wants to reach people where they are, not lift them to a theological place then reach them. God wants people to be able to worship where they are, not in some heady theological way, if that is not where they are at. On the flip side, let theoligical people worship . . . in that heady theological sense as well. You won’t please everyone but, well you must please God.

How do you worship God?


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