Questions about Youth Ministry

This past weekend I had the privilege of going to APU’s Fall Institute. This is basically a one week course in the importance of cross-cultural ministry. Covering everything from biblical reasoning to the practical applications. As a youth pastor (which this institute is aimed toward) I began to ask the question. Is it my job to point students toward cross-cultural ministry, either domestic or in other countries? If the answer is yes, then how? Also if the answer is yes the I must ask myself, how much of the spiritual development of a student in my ministry is my responsibility?

Certainly if I am part of a ministry that is ministering to students who are just coming to know the Lord, then evangelism is part of my job, and in turn the nurturing of these baby-Christians.
But then, is it my job to guide them into their calling?
To instill in them a life-long faith, that will endure in the easiest and toughest of times?
To make sure that they are reading their Bible and praying everyday?
To take them to camps to find God?
To empower them in short-term missions to see God move?
To create meaningful worship so they can connect with God deeply and praise His name truly?

Where do we draw the line? If we keep doing everything for our students will they be able to survive alone out in the world with out us? The big question I have been asking for a long time is, how can we go outside the box to create holistic, pursuers of Christ-likeness that will reproduce and survive life intact and still deeply in love with the God that saved them and loves them?

When I have answers I will share them, if you have answers . . . please enlighten me!


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