So I’ve only been in full-time ministry a year, but I have 5 years of part-time intern experience where I have seen and experienced many things. I feel that I am fortunate to have had those experiences. But I have come upon a re-occurring theme. An unrealistic expectation on the youth ministry. Churches that are stagnant, or dying want to see their youth pastor grow their youth ministry. Sure it’s possible, especially when that youth pastor trusts fully in God. But the reality of it is, that the students of the adult attendees of the church are the core of the youth ministry. If that group is small, or non-existent then there is little grow on. Especially in this time when students are just as busy as their parents, running from school to practice, to church, to home to do homework. I’m not saying that growth should not be encouraged in this atmosphere, it most definitely should. But what I am saying is that if a church is not growing or is slowly loosing it’s numbers, it is unfair to blame the youth pastor for the failure to grow a youth ministries numbers. More important than the numbers is the spiritual health of the students. Sometimes growing fully mature followers of Christ means no numerical growth but a small group dedicated to each other and the word of God and His call.


One thought on “Unrealistic

  1. Nathan Brown says:

    Agreed young Matthew. When I was working with a jr. high youth group under Chad Caubin, the senior pastor would pop his head in from time to time to count the number of kids and gauge how well the youth group was doing simply by numbers! Very frustrating. The spiritual maturity level for a bunch of junior high kids was incredible and should not ever be traded for numbers. I would venture to say that if numbers are in fact the “measuring stick” of success, that Jesus himself failed miserably in his own life…the Gospel is not going to be attractive to people unless the Holy Spirit himself changes their hearts and regenerates their soul. So really, what is being said is that the Holy Spirit is not doing His job properly if you are not seeing “numbers”, and I don’t think there is a single Christian out there who would claim that the Holy Spirit does not do His “job” perfectly and perpetually! Just my .2 cents…hang in there my brotha!

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