Star Trek: A lesson in moving on

So I just watched Star Trek: Nemesis yesterday, and it got me thinking a bit about life (as all Star Trek movies make me do). And specifically about moving forward with your life. Sometimes you watch these shows and movies, and the characters seem to be stuck in one spot of phase of their life. Star Trek: TNG has been around since 1987 (over 20 years) at the time this movie was shot it was 15 y/o. Anyway, this movie deals with the crew of the Enterprise moving on with their lives. Three of the major characters are leaving the ship at the end of the film, and near the end even one dies. It got me to thinking about real life. How many times do we get content with who we are and where we are, even if our job or home, or status is not what we set out to become? I know we must listen and follow God’s promting in our life and sometimes He keeps us in one place for a very long time. But maybe God is telling you it’s time to move on, and you’re not listening. Maybe it’s time to leave ‘The Enterprise’ and move on to a new ship, and by that I mean leave where you are and go someplace new where you will have new adventures make new friends, and establish a different kind of life.


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