New Family Member

I bet some of you thought, we were having a baby, nope, that below is the new family member.
This is my new electric guitar. If you look closely you’ll notice the red strings on it. Those didn’t come standard I bought out all the red strings at the Guitar center her in Sacramento all . . . 3 sets. So if I break a string I can replace it with a red one. Hopefully I’m not breaking strings, and I’ll just have to replace them after awhile from normal wear and tear. Amy and I have been talking a little and have decided a good name for her (because of course no man would own a male guitar, assuming guitars have genders right?) Shelby, but that isn’t for certain yet, waiting for some more input from you folks. What do you think? Any other good names out there?


4 thoughts on “New Family Member

  1. eyehartohana says:

    I like the name Samantha and you can call her Mandy for short but the name Shelby is good too.

  2. Tom Neyhart says:

    Sweet!!! That’s all I need to say!

  3. Tom Neyhart says:

    p.s. I like the name Shelby… also happens to be the name of my favorite Ford Mustangs… you know, the originals with the smokin shelby engines in them!

  4. Tom Neyhart says:

    Thanks for the comments on my last post. I think I saw the video you referred to, is it a Nooma video called Dust by Rob Bell? We used it at a high school week of camp either this past summer or the summer before.

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