Airports at Christmas

I think it is very . . . funny and sad that during the time of year when people are all about cheer, joy and charity that at the Airport people are the exact opposite. (for the most part). People at airports are edgy, get angry easily they push they cut, they just for the most part don’t treat each other in the ‘Christmas spirit’. But today as I waited in line to check my bag in I saw an act of charity that I didn’t expect. There was a pair of Aunts waiting for their neice to get off here in Sac. but they had to get a ‘pass’ to go up to the gate, they were not prepared for this and were worried they wouldn’t make it up in time. A couple who had a young daughter let these Aunts cut in front of them cutting their wait time down from 40-50 min. to 10 min. I was blown away, mainly because I expect people to be cold and selfish in the airport (no matter the time of year, but especially the busy travel season.) It made me realize that there are people out there who can act selfless even during a busy stressful time.


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