Home Sweet Home?

Well my wife (Amy) and I are preparing to leave the east coast, where we spent 9-10 days visiting with her parents and family. We starting in Virginia, at ‘Mom’smom’s’ house (that would be Amy’s mom’s mom see: Mom’smom) I arrived there on the 22nd. On the 24th we left there and drove to Boddits home (Amy’s Dad’s Mom . . . just Boddit) and had christmas dinner and breakfast on the 25th. We left there around 1pm and headed to Amy’s Mom’s (her name is Anne) sisters house near D.C. and spent Christmas evening there, and had Christmas dinner there. On the 26th we headed into D.C (my first time) and started in Arlington Cemetery where Anne’s Father is burried (he was an Army Colenel) from there we saw the changing of the guard at the ‘Tomb of the Unknown soldier’ which was very cool. Then we walked across the Patomoc (on a bridge not ice) to Lincoln Memerial, the Vietnam Memorial, the WWII Memorial and the Washington Memorial. We finally ended up at the Air and Space Museum which was fun and there was a lot of really cool stuff.
Ok now onto the 27th we left Anne’s sister’s home at 9:30am and headed south back to Mom’smom’s to get some stuff from there and then down to Winston-Salem, North Carolina (normally a 6 hour trip, but too us 10, because we took our time.) Anyway, Amy and I spent that night at a family friends house (The Falarduea’s) where I had to try and win over the friendship of their son Andre (he is upset that I took Amy away from him, he is 13). Anyway, I found out he played drums and since I play guitar we jammed a bit, then had dinner, then Andre and I talked some football and played Lego Batman on the PS2, which was fun, and bam! I was in! So he no longer hates me. We went to church with them on the 28th and then out to lunch and then we headed over to where Amy’s parents were, at Sonia’s home. We spent that night and the day of te 29th there, but had dinner at another friends house, the Mayers. And now here we are writing and reading this blog. We leave tomorrow morning at 2:30 am for the Airport which is a 2 hour drive and Amy needs to be at her gate at 5am, and I leave just before 8am.

In the present area, Amy and I opened presents on the 23rd, the 24th, the 25th (twice), the 26th, and the 27th, and we even recieved a giftbag today. And we have yet to do ‘Christmas’ with my family in Cali! So we made out really good this year! My highlight gift remains my Electric Guitar, Shelby! Whew, what a great trip. I have had a fun in the whirlwind of a trip and wish we had more time to be out here and get to know people, especially Andre he seems like a neat student (you know your a youth pastor when you call kids and teens students instead of kids). But alas we must get back to our lives and Cali.


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