Yakima, Where?

Ok so for the most part the cat is finally out of the bag. Honestly some of you have know that this has been in the works for months and months, but it finally has come to fruition. Amy and I are moving to Yakima, Washington. If you don’t know where that is, get out a map of WA point in the middle and move slowly down and you’ll find it. It actually is about the same size as Redding, CA (find Sac on a map and move north) population wise, and a little bit more spralling I would say. Their tallest building is about the same height as Reddings. The major difference between the two, besides geography is the weather. Now Yakima is actually high desert and they get about 8 inches of precipitation a year, the summer is mid 90’s (as opposed to Redding’s mid 110’s) and winter this year has been cold -5 at nights some times. But normally it’s warmer than that we hear. Anyway, Amy and I will be moving there to fill the position of Youth Pastor at Yakima Alliance Church. So we are back with the Alliance, and happy to be there. I just need to get my license transfered from our district to theirs and start my ordination, which I am nervous about. So that is the latest, we leave Sac on the 20th of Feb. and start the ministry on March 1st. Pray for a smooth transition and a great experience for us.


2 thoughts on “Yakima, Where?

  1. thingsforjason says:

    We didn’t get any -5 degree nights this year…

    But congrats! Let us know if you need any help house hunting or moving in or whatever. We’d be glad to help.

    Add me to twitter (tfj) and we can banter…and btw, up here we use Facebook (none of that myspace nonsense–that’s sooo 2008)

    Jason + Renee

  2. Fingers says:

    I love it. Blessings upon you both. I personally feel like Redding is more sprawling because you have the Sacramento river and I-5 running through town. But I have hometown biases. School is going amazing well. I'm stoked about my classes and my projects and presentations. I have my Youth Culture & Issues presentation on Wednesday. Anyhow,
    don't stress about the ordination process.

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