Well I am settling in here in Washington and at Yakima Alliance Church, getting towards the end of my first week. I have been trying to figure out what my goals are for both Jr. High and HS ministries. I have worked with both before, but never at the same time. So I am trying to get a 7 year plan, a progression if you will, so we don’t overlap too much and we fully develop students into Pursuers of Christ-Likeness. I am struggling mainly with what to do with Jr. High. Do I mirror the High School Curriculum with them or do I set a different goal. Do I want to spend the Jr. High years laying a foundation of spiritual learning and growth, so that in HS those students can then go deeper faster and become independent learners that are driven internally to seek God? Or do I develop a deep spiritual life in Jr. Highers.

Maybe I’m not wording things well here, I am just trying to figure out what to do. Jr. High is different then HS for sure, but I now that Jr. Highers have a capacity to connect to God that we often over-look.


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