I was just reading out of Searching for God Knows What by Don Miller. And he said something that struck me as odd. “I don’t suppose we will have any kind of morality in heaven, any thought about right or wrong, once we are with God . . .No, morality exists only because we are fallen . . .” It made me scratch my head and go “hmmm . . .” If I am reading correct Miller is saying that there is going to be no morality. I don’t know if he means there will be no issues about morality? Or that morality doesn’t matter in heaven? I personally believe that we will be very moral people in heaven. That maybe from time to time we may mourn our immorality on earth, but will take joy in the grace that brought us to heaven. Maybe we won’t be talking about morality, it won’t be an issue, we will be very upright and righteous people in heaven. We won’t be tempted by sins at all. Or if we are, (which I don’t believe we will) we will turn from the sin and rise above because we are finally in perfect relationship with God.

What are your thoughts on Morality in heaven?


One thought on “Morality

  1. John the Red Wonder says:

    Interesting thoughts. I get how he thinks there will be no morality in heaven. I think it won’t be something that we even think about. I think the best example of this was in the garden of eden. They didn’t worry about right and wrong because there was no right and wrong. They were completely free of the law. They had complete freedom to do anything they wanted (save eat of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil).

    When we get to heaven I think it will no longer be a thought in our minds. So is there morality in heaven? Maybe a better question is: When we get to be in Jesus’ arms, in the presence of the Holy Spirit, before the Father’s throne, will we care about if morality is in heaven? I don’t think i’ll have time to worry about it. đŸ™‚

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