To Hawk or not to Hawk

Hey everyone. So I am at an impass. I feel that my faux-hawk is getting too long to keep pulling off. It happened so fast this time around, it’s a little sad. Anyway, I want to ask the blogdom’s opinion. I have really two options . . . you might think ‘No, Matt you have three’ and I say ‘ NO, I have two’. There they are, 1. I continue to faux-hawk my hair for a few more weeks and 2. I start doing something different but still equally as awesome with it. The third option you think I have but really don’t, is to get it cut. The reason I can’t get it cut is that my barber is 705ish miles away that is over 7 hours of driving or 2 hours of flying and driving to get it cut. Again your probably asking yourself or me, “why don’t you just get another barber in Yakima?” Nope can’t do it, my hair is dedicated to one man, named Phil ‘The Barber” Hamilton, in Placerville, CA. I cannot get my hair cut by another man, until he retires . . . then I dont’ know what I’ll do. So vote on what you think I should do.

1. Continue Faux-hawk (it isn’t too long yet)
2. Do something else (that faux-hawk is much too long!)

P.S. I’m not sure what kind of face I’m making, although I suspect the smirk means I’m up to now good but the furled brow might indicate a distress over my hair situation.


6 thoughts on “To Hawk or not to Hawk

  1. ztanksley says:

    You should ask Dr. Cal Lightman to investigate that photo and tell you how you are feeling.

  2. says:

    Than upon knowing that you should ask Dr. Gregory House what he thinks you should do with your hair.

    After that, I think you will have no answer at all but a sly and witty remark.

  3. says:

    I spend way too much time watching TV shows. But hey, 3 comments on blog, good stats for you!

  4. Rich Kirkpatrick says:

    NOT.. unless you shave the upsidedown hawk on your chin!

  5. Fingers says:

    I can recommend a local hair stylist. Zach is right, you should ask House. Whatever the reply it is guaranteed to be entertaining. The face looks like you were trying to pull off cool but worried it might not work. But seriously, how often are you planning on tripping down to Placerville? That’s a long drive. Redding is long enough for me in one day. The long look is working for well for me. I even got props from Dr. Liebscher who still remembers my Darth Maul era, although I’m pretty sure she never saw me in costume. In that case fauxhawk until it takes too much gel and then move on.

  6. Dr Mekis says:

    Whatever you do, don’t go to Supercuts on 72nd and Tieton; they are pretty awful.

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