4-15 Wednesday Night Youth & Rooted

So this past week at youth we had some different things happen for us. First, in the worship area we had an all Crowder night, which was pretty good, some new songs we did there was “Can You Feel It” and “Foreverandever etc.” no keytar this time, but we will have it in the future, just a few kinks to work out on it. The nights hi-lite was that my wife, Amy, spoke instead of me! She talked about temptation, using the temptation of Christ as our example. She did a fantastic job of pointing out what core issue that Satan really was hitting with Christ. After she covered each temptation, she went back and explained to the students how Christ resisted the temptation. She basically did each temptation w/out Christs’ response then went back to get His response, it was really cool I thought. She also had the students list of temptations that they face everyday. So she had some student interaction. The last thing she did was have students write out temptations and lay them at the foot of the Cross. Over all it was a good night! Oh yea, and the Jr. High students made cookies for me and our church staff, they are yummy!

We also unveiled our new group name and shirts. We are going with the name Rooted. So in the future I will refer to these blogs as rooted blogs.


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