Rooted 4/22

The past few days have been nuts. I left for Jr. High Camp on Friday, got back Sunday, did a BBQ small group, and left early Monday for Portland for the PNW’s District Conference, where I did thankfully get Licensed by the PNW as an official CMA worker, so I can do wedding’s and funerals now . . . preferably the former not the latter. Anyway, this made last night nuts, because I arrived back in Yakima yesterday at 4:30, giving me 1 hour to set up stuff for worship practice. Thankfully Andrea Simon, our church Worship Leader was willing to step in and lead last night. We had her and some new faces and a few old ones up front leading worship, they did a fantastic job and I am grateful to Andrea for that. Also last night one of my students, Dakota, gave the message. He spoke on dealing with troubled times and trials. It was really awesome. He used the analogy that most of us try to tackle troubles like someone trying to wrestle down a Polar Bear with and Ice Cream Sandwich. It was hilarious, but true. His basic premise was that God can equip us and actually gets us through the hard times, he communicated that we should infact rejoice in troubled times because of the victory God gains through it. It was really great. So for me I lead a game (Kahootz) and gave announcements, next week, back to full strength for me! Until next time!


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