Christ Our Healer

Oh yea, CMA folks, I just busted out one of the four parts of the famous ‘Four Fold Gospel’. The reason for this is a the doctor’s visit I had yesterday, and my on going PT. Anyway, I have been in Physical Therapy for Tendonitis in my left knee, specifically the Patella (sp?). When I first started it looked like it was going to be a long process, of first strengthening muscles then re-growing my cartlidge and all that fun stuff. I just finished my first month there, and I am almost back to normal, well as normal as I get. My legs are balanced better, and are more even. I have better control over my left leg muscles and function.

Anyway on to my doctor’s appointment. I was going in for a standard physical, you know the yearly check up that people on TV always get . . . maybe not always, but in doctors shows people get them. Anyway, I expected some bad news from my blood work, like high cholesteral or something. Or maybe a report saying my blood pressure is to high. There are two man reasons for this. First, my parents suffer from these ailments, not both of them have both one has one the other the other one. Anyway, the second reason is because I sit around and eat junk a lot, figured that got to be bad. I mean sure I started going to the gym about a monthish ago and that has to help but not this month.

Now back to the Christ our Healer thing: I think it’s awesome that my knee is moving along smoothly and quickly, maybe it’s just natural regeneration of my knee because of the PT and Gym. But I like to think that God had a hand in speeding it up. I also think it’s awesome that I am pretty much perfectly healthy. I wonder if that our faith in God allows him to keep us healthy. I say allow because Christ always healed those who had faith, and I figure that is how it probably still works. So have faith that you can be healthy and you will be . . . although being pro-active in this also helps, (faith without action is dead right?)


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