Star Trek: Alternates?

**Warning: Spoiler Alert**

So I’m a nerd, or geek, or whatever, I’ve seen the new Star Trek movie twice already, and there is a possibility that I will see it again. Anyway, here is my review . . . or thoughts on the film:

It was fantastic! I like the new spin, I guess that is the cool thing to do these days. They used the convenient ‘Alternate Reality’ loop hole to do whatever they wanted without tarnishing the history of the rest of the show. Anyway, the story was great, the way they brought the crew together was fantastic and the references to the old show and movies were awesome. Anyway, the only new thing they added that I am not so sure about is the Uhura and Spock thing . . . what?? Why do that? Anyway, Trek fan or not go see it. Now for the not so nice stuff. First at the time that this movie took place the Romulan Empire was a complete mystery to the Federation. They had had contact with them but never saw them or really had a name for them. Even if Niro had come through and shown his face to the U.S.S. Kelvin he never told them they were Romulans. So every reference the Federation makes to Romulans shouldn’t have been there. The second thing that bugs me is that the Enterprise had multiple warp cores to eject into the ‘time rift’ in any schematic I’ve seen (oh yes, I have Enterprise schematics . . . again I’m a nerd) there is only enough space for 1 warp core, not 15. As my wife would say, I’m a stickler for consistency so these things bothered me, but not enough to not enjoy the movie, twice. Go see it let me know what you think.


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