Rooted 5/20

Last night was intense at least game-wise over all we had a really good youth night, in HS, I heard Jr. High was good too, but I’m hardly there so I don’t know. Anyway, we played a game called (at least I call it this) Cajave-can-can. Some call it the ‘can game’ basically you put a trash can, or two or three, out and everyone grabs hands and starts to run around in a circle and try to throw others into the can to get them out. It was an intense game, several bruises and rug burns and even a few swollen hands were had. For worship we started with ‘O Praise Him’ by DC*B. We introduced ‘Filled With Your Glory’ by Starfield, I didn’t really know this song as of last friday, but I really love it now, go check it out. Our last two songs were ‘Here is Our King, & ‘All I Can Say’ both by DC*B. We really like the DC*B here at Rooted. My message last night was out of Mark 10 the Rich Young Ruler, I made several points, first off the verse where Christ corrects the man by saying that no one is good but God not even Himself to communicate that no matter how good we think we are, how blessed and in God’s will we are still fallen sinners in need of saving. The story continues and Christ tells the man to sell everything he has to follow him, and the man can’t do it. So I basically communicated (in a rather ADHD way that John Hinton could appreciate) that Christ wants us to be willing to give up the one thing that we are holding tightest too, and only in that moment could we truly follow Christ. To clarify, he may never ask us to give it up, but he wants us to be willing to do that, so he can thread us through the eye of a needle into His Kindgom.


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