Rooted 6/3 – God’s Will

This past week at Rooted I talked about discerning God’s will. This particular message was probably one of the longest I’ve ever given. I expected it to be long, but not as long as it went. Anyway, we did our normal start up routine, which did involve tricking students into thinking they knew how to play kahootz, which is always fun. Worship followed that, it wasn’t the smoothest worship time I’ve ever lead, but it had it’s high points. On to the message: I started by telling them what I was going to be talking about, and then making up fake will’s for their lives, to show them how ridiculous it is to believe that God is going to always be specific. I’m sure God could be specific in telling us where we will end up in our lives, but I’ve never had a HS students say, God told me I’m going to be a monk in Montana, or something like that. (Don’t you hate it when Christian’s make statements that tie the hands of God and the Holy Spirit? I know I do) Anyway, I explained that God does have a plan for us, a unique one that each of us will have to strive to discover. I used my life as an example, telling them that when I felt the call into ministry (which was part of God revealing his will to me) I didn’t know when, where, or what that meant. I am thankful I didn’t end up in children’s ministry, I am thankful for the men and women that do that. I then talked about using your gifts and passions as indicators as to what God’s will is for their lives. Also used the body of Christ as another example, then pulling in my brothers and comparing and contrasting their lives paths with mine, showing that different gifts and passions lead people to be ‘different parts of the body’.

I got some good feed back on it, which was encouraging. How do you discern the will of God?


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