Rooted 6/10 – Change and a mess

This past week at Rooted we had a ‘grad’ BBQ. Basically we were celebrating the close of the school year, the 8th graders now becoming 9th and the 5th coming into 6th and the sad departure of our beloved Seniors. I cooked up some burgers and dogs, they were yummy (I’m a good griller, and that’s about it on the food front). As the eating wrapped up we organized the group for some games. Well really one big game. We did a messy food relay race. Here is how it started:
Phase 1:
One students lays on the ground, with protective covering over their clothes and hair, if they choose. A second student stands above them holding a donut on a string, the holder then dips the donut into a bowl full of Strawberry Syrup and feeds the donut to the layer/eater. Mess ensues . . .
Phase 2:
The feeder tags the first of the phase 2 people. There are two of these people and each of these people must do the following: First open a soda and chug it as fast as the can, then sprint to the other end of the course where a Banana awaits them, they eat it, and run back tagging the second person, who does the same. It’s harder than it sounds because the soda and banana both expand in the stomach. Once the last person finishes the banana we move onto . . .
Phase 3:
Where – One students lays on the ground, with protective covering over their clothes and hair, if they choose. A second student stands above them, but this student has a variety of items that they must drop into the cup the student on the ground is holding. First an uncooked egg, then a tub of toothpaste (somehow we got the nastiest looking paste I’ve ever seen) then a cup of vinegar (this was a bad idea, students miss the cup and get vinegar into the eyes of those on the ground, messy disaster ensued) last maple syrup, mmmm, sticky, and messy.

We ended up with lots of mess, a few iratated student, and mostly a lot of fun.

After that we gave out prizes to the winning team, and sat down to hear from the word of the Lord. I spoke about change, it seemed to be a good time to do it, as summer is a catalyst for change, people are moving on, and life is different. I talked out of 2nd Kings 2, where Elijah is taken up into heaven. I made the points that Elisha, although is sad, and doesn’t want the change to happen, and is obviously attached to Elijah, embraces the change, knowing that God will work through it for the better. I made those points, we need to embrace change, even (and especially) when we don’t like it. Change is one agent God uses to grow us into the people, ministers and ministries that he can use effectively. Well that is the short of the long of it, of long of the short.


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