Rooted on Steroids – 6/17 To Prove or not to Prove

So last night Rooted ministries took a little trip to Franklin Park. It’s a park that has a pool, a soda shop, and a Museam all attached. We actually set up with the museum to use their stage area for worship. We had a great time. Started slow, but then we got a short game of Ultimate Frisbee going (next time we are at the park it’s not going to be a frisbee), we did some get to know you stuff, some cajavi-can-can, and did the Elementary School favorite Mercy (which tied into the message).

After we finished the games we gave out a bunch of CD’s mostly up-and-coming Christian artists. And dove into worship, kinda. Our opening song was ‘What I’ve Done’ by LP (also related to the message) we had 6 songs planned for the night but only ended up doing 4 because it was so sunny (which was glorious) that the projector wasn’t powerful enough to be seen. We ended up doing ‘What I’ve Done’ – Linkin Park, No One Like You & Here is Our King – David Crowder* Band, and Beautiful – Phil Whickham.

My message started with a lot of Pop-culture references, including Transformers, Linkin Park, and Terminator:Salvation. My main point was that the world asks us to prove ourselves worthy, every phase of our lives requires us to prove ourselves, and it will never end. I also talked about how while we are trying to prove ourselves externally, we are trying to erase our past internally. We want forgiveness without sharing or releasing our past. I basically said that these two conditions will rack us for the rest of our lives. The only way to overcome them is through the power of God through Jesus Christ. I addressed the arguement that these conditions are really what make us human by saying that these conditions make us more of a broken, fallen and sinful human, and that Jesus is the ultimate example of what a Human should be. I ended in prayer asking those believers that struggle with Proving themselvse or their past sins to hand it all over to God, and for those who were not yet Pursuers of Christ-likeness, I offered them a chance to accept Christ, and begin to follow Him. When all was said and done 2 students came to the Lord. In my opinion that makes the night a huge success! If we do something special or different to draw in students so they can hear the gospel and accept Jesus and 1 person does it’s worth it to me. 2 makes it even better!

After the message we told students about our ticket system. We are going to give out tickets every time we meet students right their name on them, and on Aug. 19th, when we go back to the park we are going to give out an iPod! So hopefully that will get more people coming to hear the Gospel and experience the Word!


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