Saddleback Worship Conference Day 1

Well folks, I am at my first official worship conference and I am really excited about it. I am going to jot down some thoughts and a brief outline of the day. (Not necessarily in that order.)

Our first session was great, Rick Munchow led us in worship, followed by Francis Chan, who was both encouraging and challenging. Fee followed up finishing the worship. My first session was called “The Power of a Personal Brand” it talked about perception, how to project what you want people to perceive, and be noticed on the web for what you do and who you are. The second one was about using teens in worship, which I feel like I have grasp on but still challenged on the idea of allowing students to be used outside youth ministry.

My major thoughts on the day relate to the branding seminar. I sometimes have a hard time seeing a brand being a valid ministry tactic, but it is effective, so what do you think, is branding something we should do to both our ministries and ourselves? Is it a good strategic move, or secular tactic we should avoid?


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