Saddleback Worship Conference Day 2

So today has been the best of the conference so far. We started with some really awesome worship that finished with Sarah Kelly, who was amazing. One of the teaching pastors from Saddleback my favorite line was ‘God was very gracious to Jonah, letting him be the barf of a big fish. There are two ways out of a big fish’

Dan Cathy from Chic-fil-a spoke in the second part of the session, and was very good, most thought provoking lines came from him for me. I’ll talk about those later. Dan also brought lunch with him Chik-fil-a sandwhiches! I was so happy it was awesome.

Andrea and I attended a basic Music Theory class, that was intense, I was glad that I had the basics down, but it quickly went over my head, I learned some stuff, took some notes, over all it was a great class, I believe all worship leaders, from vocals, to guitarists, to drummers, and tamboriners need a basic understanding of music theory, I’m in process, but the Saddleback Worship Conference is a good place to start.

The end of the day held the Saddleback Worship Chorus, which was different than anything I’ve ever experienced, but was amazing, and then Israel Houghton came out and did his thing, a mix of Jamaican Reggea, and other stuff, it was awesome. I am really looking forward to tomorrow, but sad it’s the last day.


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