Church 2.0: How to use media to advance the kingdom?

I attended a seminar this past week on using social media to do ministry, or enhance ministry. I have been trying to figure out how we at Yakima Alliance Church can implement some of the ideas. Some of the idea’s include using twitter and blogs to communicate with church members and team members. I personally have already created a Facebook group for our Youth Ministry – Rooted. Our church is just beginning to get into the social media scene. I’ve seen churches that have nothing going on, and churches that have it all, our church is in between. We do a great job of updating our website, adding discussions questions for ‘Care Groups’ related to the sermon, but we can do more. The question I am struggling with is, how do we take the next step? We don’t have a media or tech guy on staff. There are four of us on staff, a Sr. Pastor’s, Associate, Office Manager, and me the Youth Pastor. We either don’t have the time or the knowledge in some cases, so for now, I feel like we are stuck where we are at.

What are some easy ways for us to take the next step into being apart of ‘Church 2.o’ before it gets to Church 3.0?


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