The Power of Words

This morning Andrea Simon and I attended Sunridge Community Church, in Temecula, CA (the home church of Rich Kirkpatrick, writer of Worship Myth-buster). Although Rich was out of town his daughter Emilie was there to fill in, and another friend Mike Dalton was on the bass. Over all the service was great! The message was delivered by Britt Sipe, their Local Outreach Pastor. His message was on ‘potty language’ he talked about how to improve our language in a Biblical way. He showed a video of a Pastor who was bagging on pastors who use common language that might be a little edgy in sermons or even conversation. To be honest people like this bug me. They remind me of the Pharisee’s that Christ called ‘whitewashed tombs’ (Matt. 23:27), or the people that ‘clean the inside of the cup and dish, but inside they are full of greed and self-indulgence’ (Matt. 23:25). I don’t want you to mistake my meaning. I am not saying they are these types of people, I don’t know if they are or not. But it just seems that they are focusing on the outside, cleaning the outside of the cup.

The other problem I have is that it seems by shunning or setting words apart as ‘bad’ is we give them, or attribute to them the power they have over us. The only place we should be attributing power is to God, He already has it, and is the only one that deserves it.

Here is my input. Focus on the inside. That was Britt’s last point. Focus on the inside, and the outside will reflect that. Our culture (especially in the church) is great at covering up our sin, we can’t just do the outside stuff, because the inside will remain dirty, we must clean up the inside, our soul and heart condition and the outside will then also be clean (Matt 23:26).

Here is my final truth (on the subject), good words spoken at the right time, from the right person, can inspire anyone to greatness. Take me for example, I would not have made it through college and into youth ministry with out my mentors: Danny Basham, Rich Kirkpatrick, Matt Kluttz, Phil Vaughn and my parents speaking words of encouragement, even the phrase ‘I believe in you’ can do wonders, it got me this far, and will carry me into the future.

Who has used their words to build you up? How did it affect you?


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