Rooted 7/1

Well today marks the beginning of our Peru Missions Trip. 15 or so students and leaders have departed for Peru today, leaving behind half of the ministry. So we expected a smaller turn out, but were surprised that only 3 HS students came tonight. And only 4 Jr. High students. So it was very small. The night for the students revolved around the question, ‘What if Jesus meant everything He said?’ and how it would make a difference. We ended up turning to Luke 10:27 and taking each piece of that and mapping it out. If we truly believed that we are supposed to love God, with all our passion (heart), prayer (soul), muscle (strength) and intellect (mind), how would those aspects of our lives, change and look. With only a handful of students, the conversation was not as lively as I’d hoped but we did have some good stuff come out of it, and students had some ‘AHA!’ moments which is always cool to see!


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