Taking off the Armor

To be a good leader:
you have to have a pristine shell,
you have to be perfect,
you have to be above reproach,
you have to have all the answer,
you have to always be in a good mood,
you have to always be positive,
you have to always be smiling,
you have to always . . .

Well at least that is what we are lead to believe, aren’t we? Was Jesus all of these things? Sure Jesus was perfect, he may have always had the answers, but you know what Jesus was the most? Authentic! Jesus never sugar coated reality, when he was distraught he showed it it, when he was sad he showed it, when he was overwhelmed we knew about it. So to be a good leader you need to be authentic. Especially with students, I’m not saying that we need to pour our guts out to students, but they need to know that there are cracks in our armor we put on as leaders. If we keep our armor on students can’t see into the life God is forming within us, and they then won’t trust us or take off their armor around us!

I have been neglectful of my authenticity lately, I have been under a great load to look ‘strong’ when I am actually on the brink of breaking. So as you are reading this I lift up a prayer to God, “LORD GOD, bolster my spirit and strength as it wanes to nothing, lift me up on wings like eagles so that I may feel you near!” I am a broken leader, but I am a leader, pray for me and leaders everywhere!

How can I/we be praying for you leader?


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