VBS Theology

I volunteered myself to do the music at our church VBS this year. I am not a big VBS guy, mainly because I’m a Youth Pastor and well Children’s ministry scares me so I avoid it, but I am doing the music. I have been struck with the lyrics of the songs. They are simple, but so true. They have real theological value. Normally you think of of children’s ministry songs as being fun and corny, and well a lot of them are. These songs surprised me, I mean I’m not going to have them on my favorite list on my iPhone’s iPod app, but I’m actually surprised that I’m not suffereing through them. I am really being reminded about the roots of our faith, sure some of them are a little corny but thats what kids like I guess. Mostly they are great songs, that teach us a lot about our faith.

It made me start asing the question: does our theology really have to be complicated? Why don’t we look at the simplicity of our faith and just take it on faith? Do we have to prove every thing?

What is the simplest reminder of your faith you’ve had lately?


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