Relational Conflict

Is conflict healthy? I used to think so, I used to believe that conflict was a part of healthy relationships. I believed that all healthy relationships had conflict, not because conflict is where we should be but because it shows growth in people. It displays an openness that would cause difference of opinion and beliefs that will cause conflict. Is this conflict healthy? Maybe it is, maybe the unhealthy type of conflict is the kind that arises when people aren’t open with each other? The kind where they are stuck in their ways or opinions so much that even if one side is willing to be open the other is closed, or even worse both sides are so entrenched in their opinion that there is no point to talk. How do we reconcile these relationships? How do we navigate conflict, is openness best? Or is being guarded best?

How do you deal (or not deal) with conflict? comment below


3 thoughts on “Relational Conflict

  1. ztanksley says:

    I feel like I know where this is coming from. Personally when my roommate and I had conflicts in college. I bought him Cheez-its. It worked wonders.

  2. Matt Anderson says:

    I hope your roommate did something nice for you . . . maybe get you some coffee, or just turn off your lamp and let you sleep with your computer

  3. ztanksley says:

    Yah he did, he even let me sleep with my head propped up on my elbow while reading my text book. It was nice.

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